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CIELAP's Knowledge Cluster meetings:

Biotechnology – What do Canadians Expect of their Governments?
October 26 2007, 5:30 – 7:00 pm

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Canada has claimed that it wants to be a responsible world leader as biotechnologies evolve. What does this mean? What do you and other Canadians expect of our governments? At this Knowledge Cluster meeting, the second that CIELAP has held on the subject of biotechnology and innovative technologies, CIELAP seeks your views, advice and involvement in what would be a responsible way to develop policy in Canada as these technologies evolve. These technologies, including plant molecular farming, GE trees, nanotechnology and biofuels, are part of a future bioeconomy. What is a responsible way for policy to be developed in the bioeconomyof the 21st century?

CIELAP wants to bring together a multisector team, including ethicists, scientists, farmers, and ecologists and hold a series of workshops or conversations on what Canadians expect of their governments in addressing issues related to innovative technologies. At the October 26 Knowledge Cluster meeting we will discuss these ideas, what a policy framework should include, a possible process to develop such a framework, and how you can remain involved.

Anne Mitchell, CIELAP’s Executive Director, will facilitate this discussion.

Please RSVP Carolyn at cielap@cielap.org or 416-923-3529 ext.26 if you are planning to attend. This meeting will be held at the CIELAP office - 130 Spadina Ave. Suite 305.

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