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CIELAP's Knowledge Clusters

CIELAP has a broad mandate and a 35-year history of work on many topics. We are now working to figure out how to use our modest resources to be effective in a world with an ever-lengthening list of environmental concerns in a wide range of fields.

Since December 2005 CIELAP has been holding knowledge cluster meetings to bring together people who are interested in areas of our research. People who come to these meetings have the opportunity to hear about our research, give input, discuss how CIELAP can address this issue, and offer help and expertise. This help may include brainstorming ideas for new research and funding sources, reviewing or helping with research for a report or funding proposal, referring us to contacts or other information sources, or taking part in any other stage of the research process.

Everyone is invited to these meetings. In fact, we are seeking individuals with a variety of knowledges: scientific and technical knowledge, knowledge about Canadian and provincial law, politics, history, institutions, and civil society, knowledge about sustainable development values, communicating and presenting ideas and information, and the kind of processes that can move sustainability forward, and knowledge about being a citizen facing these issues.

If you would like to come to one of our meetings, get in touch with Carolyn Webb, Communications Officer, at cielap@cielap.org or 416-923-3529 ext.26

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