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Other Environmental Law and Policy

A Survey of National Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development Laws and Policies: Lessons for Canada
October 2006

The Formation, Governance, Financing Mechanisms and Mandate of Public Interest, Community-based Environmental Law Centres
June 2006

Beyond Civil Society: Public Engagement Alternatives for Canadian Trade Policy, Prepared by Josh Lerner, University of Toronto
May 2003

A Response to A Dialogue on Foreign Policy
May 2003

The Current State of Sustainability Impact Assessments of Trade Policies

Sixth Annual Report on Ontario's Environment
Jan 2002

The Role of Public Participation in the Impact Assessment of Trade Process: Speaker paper for the Impact Assessment for Industrial Development

The 'New Public Management' Comes to Ontario: A study of Ontario's Technical Standards and Safety Authority and the impacts of putting public safety in private hands

Ontario's Environment and the Common Sense Revolution: A Fifth Year Report

Democracy and Environmental Accountability in Ontario (An Environmental Agenda for Ontario paper)
Mar 1999

Ontario's Environment and the Common Sense Revolution: A Fourth Year Report

Our Future, Our Health: A Statement of Concern by Environmental Organizations in Ontario
Mar 1997

Potential Accountability Mechanisims Under Multilateral Agreements in the Areas of Inspections and Standards
Jul 1996

Ontario's Environment and the "Common Sense Revolution" - A First Year Report
Jun 1996

Harmonizing to Protect the Environment? An analysis of the CCME Environmental Harmonization Process
Nov 1996

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