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Biotechnology and Nanotechnology

CIELAP Brief – Nanotechnology and Metals
May 2009

Factsheet: A Perspective and Recommendations on Biotechnology Policy
Oct 2008

Update on a Framework for Canadian Nanotechnology Policy: A Second Discussion Paper
May 2008

Discussion Paper on a Policy Framework for Nanotechnology
Apr 2007

Innovative Technologies: Focus on Biotechnology and Nanotechnology
(Factsheets and Background paper)

Mar 2006

GMO Statutory Liability Regimes: An International Review
Dec 2004

Principles for the Regulation of the Safety of Foods Derived from Agricultural Biotechnology
Apr 2004

Involving the Public in the Canadian Biotechnology Policy Process
Apr 2003

A Citizen's Guide to Biotechnology: Helping citizens have a real say in the development of biotechnology in Canada
Mar 2002

Mixed Messages: Canada's domestic regulatory system for GEOs contradicts basic principles underlying the Cartegena Protocol on Biosafey
Jun 2001

Biosafety Protocol: Biosafety Protocol Backgrounder
Jan 2000

Biosafety Protocol: Statement of Principles Regarding the Proposed Protocol on Biosafety
Jan 2000

Biosafety Protocol: Reflections on the Biosafety Protocol Negotiations in Montreal
Jan 2000

Organic in Transition: A Discussion Paper

Biosafety, Consumer Protection and International Trade (PDF), 2000

The Regulation of Biotechnology in Canada

Outline of an Enforcement and Compliance Strategy for the Micro-Organisim Provision
March 1996

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