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The following publications are not available electronically. Please contact CELA to view the paper in the CELA library.

The Regulation of Biotechnology in Australia, The European Union and The United States

Shaping Public Perception: The Question of Biotechnology
September 1997

Notes for Presentation: Agricultural Biotechnology and Sustainable Development
June 1997

A Taste of Canada: Comments on the Analyses on Toxic Chemicals in Your Meals and Bioengineered Food made in Canada
April 1997

Re-thinking Biotechnology: An Information Package on Bill C-74
February 1997

New Substances Notification Regulations Part II.1 Organisms Draft CEPA Inspectors Manual
October 1996

Comments Regarding the New Substances Notification Regulations, Part II.1 (Organisms) to be made under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)(Brief 96/8)
October 1996

Legal and Policy Mechanisms Concerning Genetic Resources in Canada
September 1996

For Whose Future? A Response to the Proposals of the Government of Canada on the Regulation of Biotechnology under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) (French and English)
March 1996

Outline of an Enforcement and Compliance Strategy for the Micro-organism Provision, New Substances Notification Regulations, Canadian Environmental Protection Act
March 1996

Workshop on Farm Land: How to Care for it and Still Maintain a Livelihood? January 24, 1996, Paris, Ontario “Future Challenges in Ontario Agriculture – Biotechnology”
January 1996

A Section by Section Legal Analysis of the Proposed Micro-Organism Provisions of the New Substances Notification Regulations
October 1995

Environmental Sustainable Agriculture in Canada: An Overview and Assessment of Critical Needs
July 1995

A Citizen’s Guide to Biotechnology
March 1995

Enabling Biotechnology? An Analysis on the Report of the Biotechnology Council of Ontario
January 1995

A Preliminary Response to: Enabling Biotechnology: A Strategic Plan for Ontario (CIELAP Brief 94/9)
November 1994

Toward a Legal Framework to Regulate Access to Genetic Resources in the Andean Pact
October 1994

Comments to Agriculture and Agri-food Canada re: Pro94-01, Pro94-02, Pro94-03 (CIELAP Brief 94/6)
August 1994

Resource Conserving Agriculture in Canada: An Overview and Assessment of Critical Needs
July 1994

Growing Safely? Concerns about Biotechnology and the Regulatory Process. A Reporter to Agriculture Canada
December 1993

Report on the July Consultations Regarding the CEPA New Substances Notification Regulations for Biotechnology Products
August 1993

Comments on the Effect and Fate Information Requirements Regarding Biotechnology Products under the Proposed Canadian Environmental Protection Act Biotechnology Regulation
April 1993

The Canadian Biotechnology Project: A Research Project of The Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy (CIELAP) and The Pollution Probe Foundation
January 1993

Old Issues in New Life Forms: Biotechnology in Ontario - Growing Safely
January 1990

Biotechnology Policy Development: Volume 1, Volume 2
June 1988

Policy Issues Raised by the Application of Biotechnology
October 1986

Seminar on Environmental Effects of Biotechnology held at the Canada Bar Association-Ontario Education and Meeting Centre
September 1986

Environmental Implications of Biotechnology
August 1986

Biotechnology Policy Development
May 1986

Biotechnology and the Resource Sector: The need for Policy and Development
February 1986

The Regulation of Biotechnology (A one-day conference presented by the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy
October 1984

Biotechnology and the Environment: A Regulatory Proposal
October 1984