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CIELAP is no longer actively performing research and analysis.

The Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) will provide continued access to CIELAP’s work and publications through the CIELAP website and through the Research Library for the Environment and the Law (RLEL), which has created a section dedicated to CIELAP’s work and publications.

Please contact CELA to inquire about the use of materials or with any other inquiries.



Founded in 1970, CIELAP has been an independent, not-for-profit research and education organization registered as a Canadian charity and recognized as one of Canada’s top environmental think tanks.

CIELAP’s mission has been to inform legislative, policy and regulatory outcomes for Sustainability at the national and provincial/territorial levels of government in Canada. The organization has done so by engaging a broad diversity and balance of stakeholder perspectives in the development of evidence-based research, recommendations, frameworks, and models that inform Canadian governments and help them proactively build a strong foundation for Sustainable Development.

Please continue to access our publications; download proceedings from our past events; and explore the wealth of resources on this website.