CIELAP Newsletter

Dear Friends and Supporters of CIELAP,

CIELAP and the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) have a shared history, having begun in 1970 as one organization. I am writing to tell you about our homecoming.

Given a number of current realities including a changed funding landscape, a plethora of new and vibrant organizations and initiatives on the scene, as well as the overlap between the mandates of CIELAP and CELA, CIELAP’s Board has decided that it does not make sense to continue as a separate organization. While the existing CIELAP entity will be formally wound down, the Boards of CELA and CELA’s sister organization, the Research Library for the Environment and the Law (RLEL), have welcomed the CIELAP legacy. In particular, CELA will provide continued access to CIELAP’s work and publications through the CIELAP website and through the RLEL, which has created a section dedicated to CIELAP’s work and publications. More importantly, CELA and the RLEL will continue to build on the excellent work done by CIELAP to date by incorporating it as relevant into future campaigns and law reform initiatives.

The result will be a consolidation of efforts, reduced administrative burden, and enhanced effectiveness in the environmental and policy arena.

The Centre for Environment at the University of Toronto has also accepted receipt of CIELAP’s historical working research papers, research archives, and duplicate publications for use by faculty, students and the Earth Sciences Library.

All of us at CIELAP would like to take this opportunity to truly thank those who have been a part of the organization’s legacy. We are extremely proud of CIELAP’s achievements over the past 40 years, on the issues of water, waste, sustainability, nanotechnology, land use, and many other critical issue areas, all of which have been accomplished on the collected behalf of all Canadians. All of this would not have been possible without you - our supporters and friends.

We would be happy to further discuss these important and prudent plans with you at any time.

We also hope you will join us at our “Homecoming 2011” celebration, planned to mark CIELAP’s achievements and the reunion of CELA and CIELAP. Homecoming 2011 will be held on Thursday June 9th, 2011, from 6-8pm, at Veritas restaurant (234 King Street East, Toronto). Pre-registration is required to attend this celebration as space may be limited. Please RSVP to Leah Harms at:

Yours very truly,

Grant Caven
President, CIELAP Board of Directors

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