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CIELAP In the News: Land Use (Agriculture, Biodiversity, Food, Mining, etc...)

The Globe and Mail: Ontario's greenbelt a model for the world
March 30 2009, Martin Mittelstaedt

The Globe and Mail: Ontario must force companies to pay for cleanup of mines
November 4 2008, Maria Babbage

Alternatives Journal: Saving the land that saves us (Podcast of Maureen Carter-Whitney sharing greenbelt wisdom)
June 22 2008, Nicola Ross

The Ottawa Citizen: The Hands off Greenbelt
June 18 2008, Mohammed Adam

The Ottawa Citizen: Greenbelt development under review
June 17 2008, Mohammed Adam

The Ottawa Citizen: Toronto a lesson in how to get a greenbelt right
April 11, 2008, Lee Greenberg