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CIELAP In the News: Hazardous and Solid Wastes and Toxics

Panoroma: Déchets électroniques : la face cachée du recyclage
October 29 2008, Mélanie Routhier Boudreau

News Durham Region: Delegates speak of possible waste alternatives
June 12 2008, Jennifer Stone

The Chronicle: Environmentalists call for tougher restrictions on toxics in electronic waste
February 15, 2008

Canadian Environmental Protection: Ontario in need of a comprehensive waste management strategy
July/August 2007, Carolyn Webb

Medical News Today: Why are we not protected from the pollution from everyday consumer products?
July 12 2007, Anne Mitchell

Durham York Waste: One York site on incinerator short list
April 3, 2007, Serena Willoughby

The Globe and Mail: To burn or not to burn is not even the question
March 29, 2007, John Barber

Quebec-Ontario regional general news: Despite naysayers, McGuinty wants Ont. to be world leader in burning garbage
March 28, 2007, Michael Oliveira

The Hamilton Spectator: Dangerous to fast-track incinerators, critics warn
March 27, 2007, Eric McGuinness

HazMat Magazine: Pills and Bills - A Novel way to prevent water woes from pharmaceutical waste
April/May 2006

Stratford Beacon-Herald: Killing Two Birds with One Load of Manure
February 07, 2004, Paul Knowles

The Globe and Mail: Ontario Hazardous Waste Rules Weak, Study says.
April 14, 2003

The Barrie Examiner: Hazardous Waste Danger Ignored: Study: Ontario government accused of putting public’s health at risk
April 14, 2003