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CIELAP's Briefs, Presentations and Comments:
Water Quality and Quantity

Comments on Discussion Paper - Healthy Great Lakes, Strong Ontario. Talking with Ontarians about Protecting, Restoring, Using and Enjoying the Great Lakes, EBR Registry # 010-6105
May 2009

Comments on Lake Simcoe Protection Plan, EBR Registry # 010-4636
March 2009

Comments on Bill 99, Lake Simcoe Protection Act, 2008, EBR Registry # 010-3753
August 2008

Comments on Design Guidelines for Drinking-Water Systems 2007, EBR Registry # 010-0548 and Design Guidelines for Sewage Works 2007, EBR Registry # 010-0547
June 2008

Comments on Protecting Lake Simcoe: Creating Ontario's Strategy for Action, EBR Registry # 010-2974
May 2008

Comments on the Canada-wide Strategy for the Management of Municipal Wastewater Effluent
Jan 2008

Comments on Non-Agricultural Source Materials: An improved Regulatory Framework for Application and Management, EBR Registry # 010-1436
Jan 2008

Comments on First Phase of Regulations under the Clean Water Act, 2006, EBR Registry # 010-0122
May 2007

Comments on the Review of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999 - The Impacts of Pharmaceuticals in Water and of Innovative Technologies Such as Biotechnologies and Nanotechnology
Feb 2007

Comments on Proposed Legislative Amendments to the Ontario Water Resources Act, Registry # AA07E0001
Feb 2007

Comments on the Renewal of the Canada-Ontario Agreement Respecting the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem (COA), Registry # PA07E0001
Feb 2007

Comments on the Ontario Ministry of the Environment's discussion Paper on Source Protection Committees under the Clean Water Act, 2006 (CWA)
Feb 2007

Comments to the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment Re: Options for a Canada-Wide Strategy for Managing Municipal Wastewater Effluent
Jan 2007

Presentation to the House Of Commons Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, Review of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999
Dec 2006

Submission to the Standing Committee for Social Policy Hearings on Bill 43, the Clean Water Act, 2005
Aug 2006

Submission to the Thirteenth Regular Session of the Council of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation Re: Encdocrine Disrupting Substances in Water(CEC)
Jun 2006

Comments on the Clean Water Act, 2005, EBR Registry # AA05E0001
Feb 2006

Comments on the Revised Draft Annex 2001 Implementing Agreements
Aug 2005

Comments on Bill 133 - the Spills Bill - delivered to the Ontario Legislative Assembly
May 2005

Submission Re:Ontario White Paper on Watershed-based Source Water Protection Planning
Mar 2004

Submission to the Works Committee and Economic Development and Parks Committee Re: the City of Toronto New Sewer Use By-Law
Apr 2000

Comments to Hon. D. Anderson & D. Newman on Renewal of the Canada-Ontario Agreement on the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem
Mar 2000