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Title: Greening Stormwater Management in Ontario

Author: Matt Binstock

Date: June 2011

Description: This paper assesses the current state of green infrastructure use for stormwater management in Ontario and makes recommendations for how the use of green infrastructure could be increased.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the use of green infrastructure as an alternative to relying mainly on traditional approaches that focus on the conveyance of stormwater, through pipes, to stormwater ponds and outfalls that discharge into water bodies. Green infrastructure may also help to reduce the severity of combined sewer overflows, which are a significant source of water pollution in the province. In addition, green infrastructure, where carefully planned and regularly maintained, may provide a "no-regrets" solution to climate change adaptation that could both help manage stormwater and provide other benefits such as reducing the urban heat island effect. This report focuses on ways in which green infrastructure could be promoted at the provincial and federal levels through policy, legislation or financial assistance.

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