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Title: Enhancing the Flow of Ecological Goods and Services to Society: Key Principles for the Design of Marginal and Ecologically Significant Agricultural Land Retirement Programs in Canada

Author: Tristan Knight

Date: February 2010

Description: This research examines the potential contribution of payments for retiring and restoring marginal and ecologically significant agricultural land to natural cover (forest, wetland, and grassland). Six case studies from the United States and Canada were selected for evaluation. The first set of three cases are federal programs, and include the Conservation Reserve Program (US), Wetlands Reserve Program (US), and Greencover – Land Conversion (Canada). The second set of three cases are Canadian pilot projects operating at a local scale, and include Alternative Land Use Services (Blanshard, Manitoba), Payments for Environmental Goods and Services (Huron County, Ontario), and Total Phosphorus Management (South Nation River, Ontario).

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