About Us

Founded in 1970, CIELAP is an independent, not-for-profit research and education organization. We are a registered Canadian charity and one of Canada’s top environmental think tanks.

CIELAP meets and correspond with leaders and opinion-makers from the legal, corporate, and academic fields, and from across the wide-spectrum of society, to produce quality research that is objective, practical and solutions-focussed.

CIELAP’s Mission:

CIELAP informs legislative, policy and regulatory outcomes for Sustainability at the national and provincial/territorial levels of government in Canada.

We do so by engaging a broad diversity and balance of stakeholder perspectives in the development of evidence-based research, recommendations, frameworks, and models that inform Canadian governments and help them proactively build a strong foundation for Sustainable Development.

CIELAP strives to become Canada’s leading voice and advisor on national and provincial/territorial governance matters related to Sustainability and Sustainable Development.