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Archives: Air Quality, Energy, and Climate Change

The following publications are not available electronically. Please contact CELA to view the paper in the CELA library.

Emissions Reduction Study for the Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA)
November 1998

Electricity Competition and Clean Air
September 1998

Submission to the Standing Committee on Resources Development with Respect to Bill 35: The Energy Competition Act
August 1998

Ontario's Environment and the "Common Sense Revolution": A Third Year Report
June 1998

Methane Climate Change and Waste Management: A review of efforts by Toronto, Ontario and Canada to reduce waste related emissions of methane
November 1997

An Evaluation of Ontario Hydro’s Preliminary Nuclear Recovery Strategy
October 1997

Electricity Competition and Clean Air
September 1997

Ontario’s Environment and the “Common Sense Revolution” A Second Year Report
July 1997

A CO2 Strategy for Ontario: A Discussion Paper

Electricity and Environmental Protection (Brief 96/7)
September 1996

Ontario's Environment and the "Common Sense Revolution": A First Year Report
June 1996

The “Common Sense Revolution” and Ontario’s Environment: An Interim Report
April 1996

Ontario Energy Board E.B.O. 188 Supplementary E.B.O. 188 Testimony
January 1996

Submission to the Advisory Committee on Competition in Ontario’s Electricity System
January 1996

Tests for Evaluating Natural Gas System Expansion Projects
November 1995

Response to Incineration Information Package: Proposed Amendment to Regulation 347 Proposed Exemption order under Environmental Assessment Act Air Pollution Control Guideline for New Municipal Waste Incinerators
September 1995

Carbon Dioxide Reduction Options for Ontario: A Discussion Paper
August 1994

Recommended Undertakings from Interprovincial Pipe Line System Inc. and Consumers’ Gas to the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council
February 1994

1993 Climate Change Survey Report
November 1993

Comments on Pollution Prevention Strategic Framework For Canada: Draft Discussion Paper
May 1993

Integrated Resource Planning Principles for Ontario’s Natural Gas Utilities
February 1992

An Act to Amend the Power Act
January 1992

Developing Technology-Based Standards under the Municipal Industrial Strategy for Abatement in Ontario: A Case Study of the Petroleum Refining Industry
February 1991

Canadian Electrical Utilities and Carbon Dioxide Emissions: A Legal Framework
November 1989

Pollution and the Law
February 1987

Toxic and Oxidant Air Pollution Project Report
June 1986

The Regulation of Toxic and Oxidant Air Pollution in North America (Executive Summary)
April 1986

Pesticides: An Examination of Canadian Law and Policy

Water Quality and Air-borne Toxics: Symbol of Next Generation of Environmental Problems
November 1984

Nitrogen Oxides Emissions from Motor Vehicles as a Contributor of Oxidant Air Pollution
March 1984

Toxic and Oxidant Air Pollution: The Need for Canadian and American reform to solve a shared problem
January 1983

Acid Precipitation: An Evaluation of Canadian and U.S. Environmental Laws and Recommendations for Regulatory Alternatives
May 1981

Response to "Perspectives on Access to Sunlight"
June 1979