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Hazardous and Solid Wastes and Toxics

CIELAP's Online Guide to Brownfield Redevelopment: What You Should Know
January 2011

Climate Change and Waste – The Missing Link
Dec 2010

Options Paper and background papers on Ontario’s Review of the Waste Diversion Act
February 2009

Waste Bytes! Diverting Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Ontario
Jan 2008

Hazardous Waste in Ontario: Progress and Challenges
Sep 2007

Ontario’s Waste Management Challenge – Is Incineration an Option?
Mar 2007

Hazardous Waste Factsheet
June 2006

There Is No "Away" - Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products, and Endocrine-Disrupting Substances: Emerging Contaminants Detected in Water
Feb 2006

Citizens' Guide to Pollution Prevention
Mar 2005

Teachers' Guide to the National Pollutant Release Inventory
Jan 2005

Ontario: Open for Toxics - Hazardous waste disposal becomes a burning issue in Ontario
Apr 2003

Sixth Annual Report on Ontario's Environment

Ontario: Open for Toxics (PDF) Hazardous waste disposal becomes a growth industry in Ontario
Jun 2000

Citizens' Guide to the National Pollutant Release Inventory (English version)

Un Guide de Citoyen pour l'interpretation de L'Inventaire National des Rejets de Pollutants (En français)
May 2000

Scarborough Fire A Warning Need for Better Preparation for Environmental Emergencies, 2000
Apr 2000

Ontario's Environment and the Common Sense Revolution: A Fifth Year Report

Mining's Many Faces: Environmental Mining Law and Policy in Canada

Las Caras Multiples de la Mineria: Politicas Y Leyes Ambiantales Que Rigen la Mineria en Canada (Spanish version)

Resources – Not Garbage: Municipal Solid Waste in Ontario (An Environmental Agenda for Ontario paper)
Mar 1999

The Transboundary Movement of Wastes in North American: A Canadain Perspective
February 1998

Hazardous Waste Management in Ontario: A Report and Recommendations

Methane, Climate Change and Waste Management
Nov 1997

Our Future, Our Health: A Statement of Concern by Environmental Organizations in Ontario
Mar 1997

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