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Green Screens: The Great Adventure

With special guest Chris Gates, Senior Climate Change Policy Advisor, Office of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Green Screens partners films from the National Film Board with experts and panellists from the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy.

In The Great Adventure, the head of the Arctic Mission, filmmaker Jean Lemire, leads the SEDNA IV on its five-month voyage from Montreal to Vancouver, taking the scientific expedition through the treacherous Northwest Passage. Against the backdrop of breathtaking scenery, the crew face exceptionally cold weather and perilous navigation.

The Great Adventure unveils the beauty of this region and makes us keenly aware that climate change is seriously jeopardizing a fragile ecosystem.

When: Monday, May 25 2009, 7PM

Where: NFB Mediatheque, 150 John St (at Richmond St W), Toronto (Osgoode subway station)


For More Information: 416-973-3012 or visit the NFB website