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Green Screens – Bacon, the Film

Green Screens partners films from the National Film Board with experts and panellists from the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy.

Our screening features Bacon, the Film – winner of Best Research (Hugo Latulippe) at Gemeaux Award and Honorable Mention for the Audience Award from HotDocs in 2002.

Several years ago, large-scale hog producers abd political allies in Quebec decided to branch out into international markets. But Bacon, like everything else, has its price. Bacon, the film asks whether we have properly measured the social and environmental impacts of this profileration of huge hog operations.

When: Monday, March 16 2009, 7PM

Where: NFB Mediatheque, 150 John St (at Richmond St W), Toronto (Osgoode subway station)

Free admission

Please RSVP to give us an idea of numbers: 416-973-2273

For More Information: 416-973-3012 or visit the NFB website