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Panel Discussion – Working Together for Environmentally Sustainable Innovative Technologies

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When: Thursday November 16 2006, 6.30 pm – meet and greet; 7:00 – 8:00 pm panel discussion; 8:00 – 8.30 light refreshments
Where: Friends’ House, 60 Lowther Avenue, (corner of Lowther at Bedford) in downtown Toronto

The emergence of novel technologies is an issue that cuts across CIELAP’s different areas of research: new waste incineration technologies; wastewater treatment to address emerging contaminants such as endocrine disrupting substances; and quickly developing biotechnologies and nanotechnologies. CIELAP seeks to convene different stakeholders, including ENGOs and industry, to work together to address the policy questions which arise. This panel discussion will consider a range of questions relating to the environmental sustainability of innovative technologies, such as these:

Panelists – to date – Martha Hall Findlay, Liberal Leadership candidate, and Ellie Perkins, Environmental Studies professor at York University. The panel will be chaired by CIELAP’s Research Director, Maureen Carter-Whitney.

Please RSVP to Carolyn Webb at cielap@cielap.org